Dear colleagues,
on behalf of the whole UT7L/ET7L team I inform. All the documents we had, were sent to the DXCC staff in May, 2016, that is, immediately after returning home. And they were sent out twice, using alternative channels. List of documents provided: copies of visas of all team members and copy of the extract from the annex to the contract, which was temporarily allowed to use the transceiver equipment in a wide range of radio frequencies, including all amateur radio bands. A temporary permission was issued by the goverment organization.
All activity was conducted from the territory of the office of this organization and under their control. Additional permissions for the use of masts and areas for receiving and transmitting antennas were obtained orally. We never claimed the existence of an amateur license. We just used our working opportunities to popularize our hobby. Within 3 months we spent all our spare time from work, so that almost 50,000 contacts found their owners in all corners of the planet. We have no more papers to send to DXCC staff.

And we will respect any final decision from the award head office.

73 from UT7L crew !