And here again 2 nights behind. What we had before the weekend? We made and set up the receiving antenna. Direction to get somewhere 290-310 degrees. Scheme BOG was used as managed to place only 70 meters of wire. Antena showed good results on 160 and 80. The first night was incredible. After midnight managed to occupy a frequency of about 1811.5 between SSB participants of the CQ WW 160 contest. 56 North Americans were able to break through to us in the log, including several guys from 5 and 0 areas. Before our SR noise has come and no longer able to hear anything. Do not forget that we have only 150 watts. And it was very nice to hear that our signal is incredibly strong in the United States.

The second night brought no continuation. Unfortunately. In the evening, managed only 2 QSO in the JA direction, UA0CW and JR7VHZ,and in the morning made his way N8DX ... But it was possible to spent time on 20 meters for NA and in the morning on the 80 and 40 meters.

Thanks to everybody, was a good time. CU next weekend.


73 from ET7L team !!!