4000 QSO's in the log....
Hello everybody!
We crossed the milestone of 4000 contacts! We try all the free time to appear on the bands.And we continue to work on the rest of the antenna. The last three days we have a local "fan." We think that this is one of the discontented "usd collector". Unfortunately, it is quite close to us, and covers 2-3 kilohertz range at the receiving site. That is why it is sometimes necessary to give a different frequency for reception. This "Troll" do not know Morse code, but reads successfully dx-cluster. In this regard, please do not write in the dx-cluster where we listen. If our operator has started to give - listen up 5 - that is the only solution in this situation. And we'll be jumping up between 1 and 5 kHz in CW and 5 - 15 in SSB. We hope that our "Troll musician" sometimes need to eat or sleep or go to work.

And we hope that he has no antenna at the TOP bands.

73 from ET7L team!!!